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Manga in Libraries provides book lists, webinars, and resources for manga readership, manga collection development, manga programming, and more!


Experts discuss the importance of BIPOC representation in manga, BIPOC artists/authors, celebrating identity in libraries, book recommendations, and more…
Resources: BIPOC Representation
Book List: BIPOC Representation
Experts discuss the history of manga, readership and genres, translation and localization, age ratings, supply chain, resources, recommendations, and more…
Resources: Manga 101
Book List: Manga 101
Experts discuss how manga can support the social-emotional development of teens, finding community, titles for collection development, and more…
Resources: Social-Emotional Learning
Book List: Social-Emotional Learning
Experts discuss the LGBTQ+ community in Japan,
creating safe spaces and programs, titles for
collection development, and more…
Resources: The LGBTQ+ Community
Book List: The LGBTQ+ Community
Experts discuss spooky and scary myths and
legends, why readers like to be scared, titles for
collection development, and more...
Resources: Spooky & Scary Manga
Book List: Spooky & Scary Manga
Experts discuss the literary value of manga,
supporting the needs of all learners, titles
for book clubs, and more…
Resources: Supporting All Learners
Book List: Supporting All Learners
Experts discuss manga challenges and censorship,
tips for collection development, titles worth
defending, and more…
Resources: Defending the Collection
Book List: Defending the Collection
Experts discuss building a library culture, hosting
manga and anime programming, popular
manga and anime series, and more…
Resources: Manga and Anime Programming
Book List: Manga and Anime Programming
Experts discuss the social context of gender expectations in Japan, sexuality and fanservice in manga, titles with positive representation, and more…
Resources: Representation of Girls and Women
Book List: Representation of Girls and Women
Experts discuss the importance of including manga
in the collection, suggestions for purchasing, resources
for collection development, and more…
Resources: Why Manga?
Book List: Why Manga?

Book List: Best & Worst Manga 2021

Established April 2021